The difference between an Industrial designer and a craftsperson

In this video, I talk about 3 differences between the jobs of industrial designer and the craftsman.

1. Knowledge The Craftsperson tends to focus on one process / material whereas an Industrial designer could potentially design for any mass produced process / material.

2. Repetition of parts The Craftsperson - each piece that is produced could be slightly different and develop or change as it's being made. Whereas the Industrial designer designs parts before they are produced. Once the design is finalized and put into production, every part that is made is repeated exactly like the original design.

3. Who makes the product The Craftsperson typically makes their own goods themselves by hand whereas an Industrial designer would never make their own goods themselves. Their designs are manufactured by industry/factories.

The examples I'm talking about are Arne Jacobsen's City Hall clock and artwork by Yoshihiro Suda.