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Muse Brainwave sensing Headband

Muse Brainwave sensing Headband

Muse Brainwave sensing Headband

Muse Brainwave sensing Headband


Are you looking to learn about industrial design and product design specifically? Well, I have a lot to offer.

What i do:

I’m an accredited Professional Industrial Designer of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO) & an Educator.

For the past 11 years, I’ve been designing everything from landscape lighting to wearable tech to personal shopping cart to inflatable search & rescue device to consumer electronics to housewares… In other words, a wide range of products that engage in many different aspects of life!

In terms of patents, my name is included on one patent and one patent pending.

Unlike many designers who are only responsible for limited aspects of the design process, my experience is comprehensive and runs the spectrum from research & concept development all the way to mechanical design and design for manufacturing…  aka, the whole deal.

I also enjoy teaching Visual Communication, Materials & Manufacturing Processes, Multimedia Communication, and History of Design and Technology at the college level. What I offer you is distilled from my practice and honed from my teaching.


What I believe:

When I graduated from design school,  I wrote on my portfolio:

“I believe that good design has the power to elevate life”

Now that may sound like an idealist aspiration coming from a student. But the fact is, I still believe it today and have witnessed it in my work.


After design school, there is still an uphill climb to become a competent industrial designer. The life of a designer is to constantly be learning and discovering.


I started putting my learning out into the world because I see a lack of design research strategy being taught in ID schools. One of the most difficult aspects of being an industrial designer is that you could potentially design anything that is manufactured….and ANYTHING is a broad topic!  


You need:

  • A strategy to show you how to find innovative ideas.

  • A strategy that will lead you to appropriate design solutions.

  • A strategy that will provide a roadmap to find suitable materials and manufacturing processes.


I want you to know there is a way to figure all this out with one effective methodology.

It’s one thing to read books, watch youtube videos and have academic knowledge to learn about design in a patchwork manner. However, it’s a whole other thing to grasp the multi-faceted design process with one effective strategy.


When I talk about my work, people tell me, I must know a lot to be able to design these vastly different products. The truth is, I rely on my strategy. It is the ONE thing that has proven to be illuminating and comprehensive.


How to go forward:

I’m working on sharing my strategy with you. If you want your design work to have spark and life, you WON’T want to miss it. Sign up to my email list here so we can keep in touch.

Morna Gamblin